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All you did was WOW me. That’s an amazing story. I hope the book I’m writing about the apocalypse will be at nearly as good.


On a wet and cold weekend this brought a smile to my face.


Holy smokes. Wow, great story. I’ve seen very few stories written from a child’s perspective that actually rang true. This one certainly does. Wonderful.

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Brings the apocalyse to life

Reviewed January 2020

The images you painted with the words you used. Honestly, nothing I can say does this justice. I can honestly say, of all the zombie books I have read, and there have been quite a few, this has to be my favourite. That first chapter though, thank you for ripping my heart out, and then carefully putting it back in my chest and stitching it up. And, yes, that’s a good thing.


Reviewed September 2020

The use of humour gives welcome relief to what could have been the usual relentless gore-fest. The writer’s shameless appropriation of popular culture, coupled with some neat twists to the story, most of which are genuinely unexpected, make for a thoroughly enjoyable read.


Reviewed August 2021 Tony Harris

I have had to read the first chapter multiple times before I was emotionally able to comment. As a parent, the first time I read it, I had to get up and walk away, followed by rounding up my kids, ages 17, 13, 10, and 8, and give them a hug. I loved the descriptions of the world these two kiddos are “living” in. I am usually pretty darn good at spotting the “twists,” however, this one not only slipped by me, but it messed with my head as well. Keep up the great work!

Exceptional writing

Reviewed October 2019

This book has the ability to make the reader get immersed in the characters themselves which is a remarkable gift.  It’s a rare thing to have the grubbiness, filth, sickness and deprivation of survival mentioned and described so well. More please!

Children of the apocalypse

Reviewed June 2020 Craig Yong

Oh man, I was bawling by the end of this! What a piece of beautiful prose, and it catches the vulnerability of children during the zombie apocalypse so well. This is damned good stuff.

what a phenomenal story

Reviewed October 2019

You really have a gift. There may be more, but off the top of my head, I honestly believe this is the only book (zombie-related or not) that has moved me to tears. The ending tied it all together so nicely; at the end I felt genuine heartache and relief at the same time. Very well done!

Tears in my eyes

Reviewed December 2019

That first chapter was harrowing. I’m sitting here trying not to cry, but it’s 4am and I’m cuddling my fox plushie and crying. Your attention to detail is amazing and you really come to grips with the gritty reality of surviving an apocalypse.

bloody brilliant

Reviewed May 2020

The series of stories that LJ has created reminds me of Pulp Fiction. The short stories contribute to a greater whole and absolutely the reader away. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, the dark humour made me laugh and the emotion almost brought me to tears.
I am not normally a zombie story reader, I tend to read fantasy. But the adventure and excitement that this book brings has me sold on more books by LJ Da Silva, what a story teller!!!

zombie time

Reviewed March 2020

The characters are interesting and well formed worth reading again. I am looking for more LJ.

freash take on zombies

Reviewed August 2020

A new look at the zombie genre. Really didn't expect it to make me cry! Highly recommended to anyone who loves zombies. Great to see a mix of strong female and male characters.

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